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My name is Jessica and I am a speech therapist working in the Cape Town City Bowl. I am passionate about providing a safe, evidence-based treatment experience for all.

My professional journey began in 2011, when I qualified as a Speech-Language Pathologist (BSc Honours University of Cape Town). Thereafter, I completed my community service year in Mpumalanga at a district level hospital.


Since my return to the Western Cape, I spent several years working at Vincent Pallotti Hospital’s specialised rehabilitation unit. During this time I gained valuable experience working with different neurological conditions and the communication and swallowing challenges that arise as a result.

In the rehabilitation sphere, I have worked with various conditions including right and left brain strokes or cerebro-vascular accidents (CVA), traumatic brain injuries (TBI), dementia, epilepsy and TB Meningitis. 

Subsequently, I spent three years running the speech therapy department at a Primary Health Care Clinic, where I had a largely paediatric caseload. 

I worked with children who have Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, language delays, speech delays and stuttering. 


Additionally, a significant part of my work has involved working in neonatal units, assisting new parents to establish breastfeeding. These babies were often born premature or had events during birth that affected their ability to feed. I worked closely with the parents to wean the babies from tube feeding, to cup feeding and finally to exclusive breastfeeding.


My passion for this work prompted me to pursue further training and to register with the SACLC as a certified lactation consultant, in addition to my certification with the HPCSA as a speech-language pathologist.

HPCSA: ST0008257

BHF: 0885541

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